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Easter Island Vocabulary

Easter Island Rapa Nui Vocabulary

Easter Island, Osterinsel, Isla de Pascua, Rapanui,  Rapa Nui,
 Te Pito o Te Henua (the navel of the world).

Easter Island Facts & Summary.
 Easter Island World Heritage Site.
 Easter Island travel guide.

Journey to Easter Island

Vai - Water
Mahina - Moon
Ra'a - Sun
Hetu'u - Star
Tangata - Man
Manu- Bird
Vahine - Woman
Poki- Child
Taina - Friend

Iorana - Hello
Iorana korua- Hello everybody
Maururu - Thank you
Pehe koe - How are you?
Riva riva - Fine
Peti -Beautiful, nice
Ka oho mai - Come

Ahu - Platform
Pukao - Moai topknot
Ana - Cave
Hare Paenga - Boat shaped house

Motu - Islet
Rapa - Earth
Nui - Big Vai
kava - SeaTo
kerau - Wind

Tapati Rapa Nui

 - Traditional celebration that takes place every summer. 
During this carnival, that last about fifteen days, the whole community takes recreates traditional cultural  and other activities, such as banana trunk sliding, submarine fishing, seimming, body painting, boat races, thread games, songs, dancing, stone figure engraving,....

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Journey to Easter Island


Easter Island, Osterinsel, Isla de Pascua, Rapanui,  Rapa Nui,
 Te Pito o Te Henua (the navel of the world).

Easter Island Facts & Summary.
 Easter Island World Heritage Site.
 Easter Island travel guide.


Where is Easter Island?

Easter Island is the Chilean,  world's most isolated island. Easter  Island is located in  the southeastern Pacific Ocean. Jacob Roggeveen discovered Easter Island on Easter Day in April 1722.


Ahu Tongariki

International Air Transport Association airport code: IPC, International Civil Aviation Organization airport code: SCIP.
Mataveri International Airport at Hanga Roa is 3,759 kilometres 2,336 mi from Santiago, Chile, IATA: SCL. Mataveri International Airport is the most remote airport in the world.
Volcanoes of easter island

Rano Raraku volcano
Most of the  Statues  in the Easter island come from the slopes of the Rano Raraku.

Rano Kau volcano
located on the southwestern part of Easter Island  in  Rapa Nui National Park. The crater Rano Kau volcano is 1km in diameter and 200 meters deep. Near the Rano Kau Crater is  Orongo village.

Terevaka volcano 
Located at the north end Island is
the highest point in Easter Island, 511 meters above sea level.

The Poike volcano
it is the second highest (370 meters) and  the oldest volcano on the island.

Puna Pau volcano
is a small extinct volcano  located near the village Hanga Roa.
Puna Pau , source of red scoria rock from which the pukao were carved. Pukao are the hats or topknots placed on heads  Easter Island statues.

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Giant   Mountains ,Krkonoše National Park, Nationalpark Riesengebirge, Protected zone and reservation KRNAP, Krkonošský národní park.

Krkonoše National Park


Moon over my favorite mystical mountain Malý Šišák.

         Last week I visited my favorite mountain hotel in the Giant Mounteins. The summit area of the Giant Mts. is a remote island of arctic and alpine tundra in Central Europe. Since the Glacial Period, its landforms,ground structures and treeless tundra communities are inhabited by plant and animal species surviving the short growing season in low temperatures and wind - induced habitats, and tolerating freeze and thaw cycles under shallow snowpack.

        This isolated island arctic - alpine tundra is located 2000 kilometers from the nearest tundra areas of Scandinavia and 450 km from the alpine tundra of the Alps and the Carpathians.
Artic tundra in Bohemia
My favorite mountain boarding house.
Mountain boarding house since 1824
My favorite mystical mountain in the Krkonoše, Malý Šišák 1439 meters above sea level.

Malý Šišák , Krkonoše map

Morena - Moraine geologically speaking of stones and sand deposition due to the movement of glaciers,on a mountain top Malý Šišák.

Krkonoše mapa

Krkonošský národní park - Krkonose National Park

Krkonose , Giant Mnt. National Park